My Story


I know what it’s like to struggle to love and accept who you are.
To settle for crappy relationships or careers or foods or friends.
To hold yourself back from your wildest dreams because “Who are you to have that”?
To know there is more potential inside of you, but not know how to access it.
I used to have a good-on-paper life, but I was lost and insecure on the inside.
I worried that my boyfriends would choose other women over me.
I worried about what people thought of me and needed their approval.
I counted every calorie and cringed at my stretch marks and mistakes.
I people-pleased like crazy.
No matter what I achieved, it never felt like enough.
One day I finally had enough.
I decided to do whatever it took to bust through the blocks and become the woman I was born to be.


As I elevated my self-love and worthiness, my whole life changed.


I’m Nicole Willis, and I am here to remind you of your beauty and power. My purpose is to make sure you know that your heart’s desires are important and they are possible.


It is by sharing our truths that we heal, elevate and see better for ourselves.

It is by admitting the secrets, shameful moments, and the mistakes made that we liberate ourselves from the past and step into the light of our future.

I will continue to share my experiences here and I hope you find pieces of yourself throughout these pages.

Pieces that you may have lost over the years, or ones that you are yet to find.


Together we are powerful.

We are sisters on the rise.